Sonntag, 23. März 2014

A good book makes your day - EVERY day!

Whenever you're happy and and you want to keep it up -
read a funny book! It will make you laugh!
Whenever you're melancholic and feel like the world is complicated -
read a romantic book! It is easy to understand!
Whenever you're sad and you need a hero to lift you up-
read an epic book! It will make your spirit fly!
Whenever your world feels like dystopia and you're about to lose faith-
read a fantasy book! It will bring back utopia into your life!
Whenever you are confronted with problems that you cannot manage alone -
read a guidebook!  It will help you out!
If you're being inquisitive and curious and you just want to know more -
read a reference book! It will make you smarter! 
If you feel like making love and nobody is around you -
read an erotic book! It keeps your fantasy alive!

Whatever mood you're in - there's a book for you to read!
A good book makes your day - every day!


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