Freitag, 14. März 2014


 Sometimes anger and deception are so deep
that you can't hide them behind a frozen smile.
Sometimes you don't like someone, yourself or the world
and you feel like you don't belong here.
Sometimes you know that you want to run
as fast as you can
but you don't have the power for the first step.
Sometimes the thoughts in your mind are a mess
and you can't see clearly.
Sometimes you fall so hard
that you don't fall on your feet like cats do.
Sometimes you feel like you're missing something
but you don't know what it could be.
Sometimes somebody will come your way
and crush your little world and heart like noone else before.
Sometimes you're searching for love
but you don't know where to find it.
Sometimes you can't "pick up your crown and walk on"
when you just stumbled over some inner pain,
maybe you cannot even wear your sadness with royal, noble dignity.
Sometimes you want to cry out loud
and you don't know how to do it and who will listen.

I guess that's when you  need to ban  it all onto a sheet of paper
and write down, what you cannot say.
I also guess that this is why we need literature - sometimes.

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